8 Things to Consider When Choosing an Insurance Agency in Plano TX

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    8 Things to Consider When Choosing an Insurance Agency in Plano TX

    Local Insurance Agency in Plano Texas

    Finding the right insurance agency Plano TX can be a challenging experience. You can see an insurance agency on almost any corner throughout this area—but not every agency is the right one for your needs.

    When searching for an insurance policy and agency, you want someone who listens to your needs and finds the right policies and coverage to give you peace of mind. Everyone needs insurance, but the wrong agency can leave you without the right coverage or an available agent when you need help. 

    What should you look for in an insurance agency? Consider these eight things before you settle on an agent that isn’t the right fit for you. 

    1. Are They Local To You?

    Having a local Plano, TX insurance agent is a perk that you shouldn’t overlook. With “big name” or national agencies, you might never meet your agent in person. While bigger can sometimes be better, a local agent is often best when it comes to your auto insurance or home insurance.

    When you choose a local agency, you benefit from the ability to consult and shop locally. A Plano insurance agency can find tailored plans that fit your needs—instead of “one-size-fits-most” plans from larger agencies that might not give you the coverage you really need. 
    Being able to sit with your agent and talk through plans, options, and needs helps improve your overall experience!

    2. Are They Real People?

    If you want to deal with “real” people and a dedicated agent, go local! Many “big box” agencies rely on technology to filter calls and respond to emails. When you get a human on the phone, they could be a customer service representative in another state—or country. 
    Your local insurance agency is right here for you! We’re not a computer or outsourced call center to take your call. You get a real person committed to your insurance needs—every time.

    3. Do They Understand?

    Your local Plano TX insurance agent can relate to your needs because we live here, too. We have life insurance, health insurance, and home and auto insurance needs similar to yours, which helps us understand what you need to find the best solutions for you. 

    You’ll find more peace of mind when you work with an agency that knows the issues and needs of local insurance customers based on their personal experience. 

    4. Are They Available?

    When you need to reach your agent, a voicemail or call “wait time” isn’t helpful. Sometimes, you need a quick answer or help with a claim—and you shouldn’t have to wait for a large commercial insurance agency to get back to you on their time. 
    Your local agent should be accessible and easy to get ahold of. We’re right down the street, so time zones aren’t an issue when trying to connect. Choose a local agency that makes the time for you and values you as a customer. 

    5. Do They Work For You?

    Your insurance agent should be your advocate! Being an agent requires more than signing people up for policies. To retain your business, your agent must work for you to communicate on your behalf during the claims process and protect you with the best coverage options.
    It’s your agent’s job to help you understand your coverage, get exactly what you need, and make sure you’re not being taken advantage of during a claim or when it’s time to renew a policy. When considering a new agency, make sure they have a reputation for working for their customers!

    6. Can They Save You Money?

    Renewing an insurance policy is easy—but it’s not always the best solution for our customers. We find that insurance rates change—and often increase—when it’s time to renew. If you don’t see any fresh options to keep rates low while maintaining excellent coverage, your agent isn’t doing their best for you. 

    Choose an agent that always looks for the best deals to continue your coverage. If that requires switching to a different provider to maintain your coverage level while saving you money, it’s our job to bring those options to you and help you make those decisions.
    Your agency should also prioritize your needs over upselling more insurance coverage than is necessary. We’re not here to sell you every available policy. If it’s not the best fit or coverage that makes sense for you, we won’t recommend it. 

    7. Do They Have the Best Solutions?

    Larger insurance agencies can often have limited coverage options. They’re loyal to one or two providers that help them make more money when enrolling more customers with these providers.

    The best insurance agency in Plano TX has access to (and is willing to work with) a variety of providers to give customers the very best solutions. We work with 300 different carriers to offer almost any product that our customers need for home, life, health, auto, and business insurance policies.

    When we work for you, we put together the best options for you—regardless of the carrier. 

    8. Do They Speak Spanish?

    In Texas, we have a growing number of Spanish-speakers. We can help more people with their insurance needs because we speak Spanish and help our customers process insurance paperwork in their preferred language, if necessary. 

    There’s no need for anyone to settle for less-than-ideal coverage options or inadequate customer care because of a language barrier. If you’ve struggled to find the best Plano TX insurance options, rates, and an agent who is available and on your side when you need a Spanish-language advocate, we’re here for you. 

    Protect Yourself With the Best Insurance Agency Plano TX

    “Local” doesn’t mean you have to settle for “average” when choosing an insurance agency Plano TX. Our local agency prioritizes our customers’ needs and personalized service solutions to make sure you have the insurance coverage you really need.

    If you’re looking for peace of mind, better policy options, and the best pricing with local customer service, contact us for a quote!  

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